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Welcome To dinobambino.8m.com


Dino at Summer Slam!!??!!??

Dino at RAW!!??

Dino at Smackdown/ECW??!!??!!


UPDATE 8-17-06

August 22 Smackdown/ECW

August 21 Dino is RAW.

August 20 Dino booked for Summer Slam!

April 29th Dino will receive an award from ACW.  This will be Dino's first step into a wrestling ring in almost 2 years.  Dino is the first person   to receive this prestigious award and that could make a lot of people unhappy, what else is in store for the hardcore luchador? 

Oct. 7 Dino wrestles for Mid american wrestling, is it his last match?  Does a wrestler ever leave the business?

Site Developments

Dino will give an exclusive interview in the near future!

Dino still loves and watches wrestling.

Dino may have wrestled his last match but maybe Andy Ceelen hasn't? He is currently serving his country in the United States Coast Guard and is under contract for a 4 year enlistment.


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